To Know Before Ordering

This part contains frequently asked questions by our clients, the aim is to explain several details about our products.
Don't hesitate to ask us questions by mail ( in order to help us complete this part.

Orders: how does it work? what are the deadlines?

How to place an order?

- Go to the product page and dowload the order form present under the picture of the digger, print it, fill it with you order and send it along with a 500€ cheque as downpayment or a via scan along with a bank transfert of the same amount (banking informations are at the bottom of the order form or quote).


- Aks us for a quote by mail or on site and return it signed along with the payment by cheque or bank transfert. By mail do not forget to add your phone number so we can contact you when the order is ready.

What are the manufacturing deadlines?

The deadlines depend on the version you wish to order. 
It takes usually between 3 to 4 weeks for a kit version, 4 to 5 weeks for a welded and painted and 5 to 7 weeks for a ready to use version.

The timings here are only an indication, they are subject to change. To know the actual waiting time, feel free to contact us.

What if something is missing from my order, what to do and when?

Upon reception or unboxing of your order, you have up to 1 month before mentionning any item missing. After 1 month, depending on the missing part, we may not accept to replace it as a missing part and an order should be place at your expenses.

If anything is missing, please contact us by mail with the reference of the missing part and your contact details (phone and adress). We will look at the demands under 24-48 hours, the shipping will be done by the next business day.

What is a Kit version or a Welded and painted version?

In the kit version, you will have to weld and paint each parts of the mini digger (with the exeption of the engine or hydraulic parts) before assembly. Warning, for this kit, you will need good welding skills. 

In the welded and painted version, consumables aren't provided, you will need oil, PTFE and tools to assemble the mini digger.

Which equipment is needed ?

For a kit version, you will absolutly need every pieces of equipments to weld the digger yourself (blackplate SJ235 from 4 to 15mm thick).

For the welded and painted version you will need the following tools for assembly;

-Combination wrenches (spanners) size 8 to 27 (in metric),

- Drill bits Ø5.5 ,6.5 (in case a hole has been forgotten)

- tap and die M6 (in case a screw thread has been forgotten or painted over)

- ex keys,

- A good file to finish adjustments,

- PTFE tape of glue for the hydraulics,

- As consumables you will need: zip ties, thread-locking fluid (Loctite), Hydraulic oil, engine oil, gasoline, grease

Before placing an order, it is important to look at the product file and download the assembly guide to assess the difficulty of assembly.

What Equipment Is Required For Mounting?

You will need to plan for the assembly:

- A flat key set from 8 to 27
- drill Ø5.5, 6.5 (if you forget about the threads)
- M6 tap (if you forget about the threads)
- a key allen game,
- a good steel file to finish the adjustments,
- Teflon tape or glue for hydraulics,
- consumable provide: installation collar, threadlocker, hydraulic oil, engine oil, gasoline, grease

Before ordering, it is important to go to the product sheet and download the assembly instructions, you can judge the difficulty of this manufacture.