Wood grapple 700 


This material is suitable for cranes, forestry cranes, mini excavators, excavators, fork, front loader, handling and lifting equipment, ...

An opening of 70 cm facilitates the work of handling.
Pendulum type grapple designed to support a vertical load only.

For assembly this grapple must be free of all movements in all directions, it must not come into abutment against a part preventing the free movement of it.
This grapple must not undergo a force from top to bottom.

For backhoe mounting, recommended 0.8T to 1.5T.
Weight and dimensions given for information only.


Taxes excl.
Taces inc.
Grapple 700
180.00 €
216.00 €
Transport in France
62.50 €
75.00 €

20% VAT - Full Payment with order
* Without fixation and horses

Technical specifications